Children Opening Big Loo In 1963



To the children of the world who opened a Big Loo Robot in 1963:  What a special morning it was to open a giant box with a Moon Robot inside.  We have collected images posted on internet webpages from many different websites.  Do you see yourself in any of these happy photos?  If you do, we have a special present for you!  We would like to send you a free set of Black & White Restored Instructions originally supplied with Big Loo in 1963.  Please contact us with the form on our Home page and tell us about your photo.  This is our way to say thank you for remembering Big Loo all these years.  Even if you still have your 50 year plus original set, these will astound you with the increased clarity and details.  Plus, they are frameable if you so choose.

In our opinion, photos of children with their Big Loo at Christmas 1963 is the single most important touchstone for the Big Loo collector hobby.  There are so many collectable toys out there but few have such a special day and unique moment captured on the Family’s Kodak!  This is what makes Big Loo so special and indeed so collectable.

If your picture hasn’t been posted here yet, we hope you will send us one so we can include it here in this article.  Just reach out to us via the Home page contact form and we will send you our email address to attach a photo or if you prefer, our snail mail physical address to send your hard copy photo to.

Everyone who sends in a photo with themselves and Big Loo from Christmas 1963 will receive a free set of Restored Instructions.  If  you only have a negative, that’s fine as we will scan it for you and return the original.  And if you feel bad about parting with your orginal snap shot from Christmas morning because of sentimental value, we understand that too and we will carefully scan it and mail it back to you.

This article updates automatically with new photos as they are sent in.  Here then without further ado are the Children of the World opening Big Loo at Christmas, 1963.


















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