Our Re-Homing service places unwanted
Big Loo Robots into new homes.


Here are just some of the advantages of allowing us the privilege of buying your robot:


  • We pay for return shipping to our location in San Francisco, California.
  • After 50+ years, his plastic is extremely fragile and he is often damaged during shipping, but we assume all liability.
  • Easier than the pain in the neck of managing an eBay auction.
  • The security of knowing that you are receiving a fair price for your robot.
  • The assurance that your Big Loo is going to a good home and will be enjoyed by someone who appreciates him.
  • If your robot is damaged, that’s OK. ¬†We can fix him up and often purchase robots that are missing parts and/or damaged!
  • Confidentail communications.


Just write us that you are interested using the Make Contact form on the Home page.