Our Re-Homing service places unwanted
Big Loo Robots into new homes.


Here are just some of the advantages of allowing us the privilege of buying your robot:


  • Hassle free shipping, it just couldn’t be any easier!  We mail you our custom packing box and you just drop him in.
  • We also pay for return shipping to our location in San Francisco, California.
  • After 50+ years, his plastic is extremely fragile and he is often damaged during shipping, but we assume all liability.
  • Easier than the pain in the neck of managing an eBay auction.
  • The security of knowing that you are receiving a fair price for your robot.
  • The assurance that your Big Loo is going to a good home and will be enjoyed by someone who appreciates him.
  • If your robot is damaged, that’s OK.  We can fix him up and often purchase robots that are missing parts and/or damaged!
  • Confidentail communications.


Just write us that you are interested using the Make Contact form on the Home page.


We pay Shipping and send you our easy pack Re-Home Box



Although he may look uncomfortable, this specially padded box insures his safe arrival.  You simply lift up the two center foam blocks, lie him down and slide the two foam blocks back in. That’s it!

A friendly note:  Even when folks sell their robots and pack as well as they possibly can, we still see the vast majority of Big Loos sustaining severe damage to the extremely brittle plastic base.  We take this liability completely off your hands with our custom re-home box.  Affectionally known as the Loo Sarcophagus, an atomic bast could go off next to this thing and it would still be undamaged.