Greeting Earthlings. I am Big Loo, your friend from the Moon. I created this website to share information about me. Being a world famous Robot for over 50 years, my iconic image has spread throughout the world. I have been featured on Rock & Roll Album covers and made the list at the Huffington Post for the 11 Weirdest Toys of All Time. However, it is more accurate to classify me as a rare 1960’s toy robot that has achieved cult status and become a highly sought after collectible. And for the first time, I have a complete voice to speak to you, here at my website.

I am the biggest Moon Robot to land here to date. I first arrived on December 1st, 1963 just in time for the Christmas season. Because they would not let me land on earth without a sponsor, the Marx Toy Company volunteered to place me and my many twin brothers in children’s homes. I have been working for you, fighting for you and picking up things for a total elapsed Moon and Earth time of:



To report factual errors, give input or tell me you opened my giant box in 1963,  write me here!