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Would you be willing to write a short article?  You don’t have to be an experienced writer, this is just for fun and the joy of sharing.  We would love to post it here for others to enjoy with a credit to you as the author.  As a special thank you, we will send you a free copy of our Black and White High-Resolution Original Instructions.  See an example in our Store.  Our offer includes free shipping as well.  Just submit your rough draft and we can help you finish it up.  Remember: you don’t have to have writing skills, we just want to share Big Loo experiences with the rest of the collector community.   Send us a message via the Contact form that you are interested.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Tell us about opening your Big Loo on Christmas morning.
  • Write about how you acquired your Big Loo on eBay or through a friend.
  • Share your long search for accessories and how you found them.
  • Did you have a shipping disaster and found your Loo all broken up?  We would like to hear what not to do as well as what worked.
  • Do your friends like your Loo or does he creep them out?  Funny stories are welcome.
  • What about the time the Space Rocket broke your Mom’s favorite China?  Submit any story of a launch gone bad.
  • Do you have a huge Robot collection, if so – tell us about it.
  • Lastly, share anything that involves you and Big Loo.  Folks love to read about how others interact with their Robot.


Are you considering selling your Robot on eBay?  We are happy to provide you an estimate of your Robot’s value in order for you to establish a realistic price point.  Many auctions start off too high or too low.  We also see poor descriptions and a lack of showcasing your Big Loos most important condition features.  Use the Contact form on our main page and we will send you an email to attach photos.  You may also include sample text on what you intend to say on your auction page.  We can help with rewrites and other suggestions.  This is a free service to the Big Loo community and to help you pass on your Robot with dignity and maximize your sale.


Do you have a missing or damaged part that you are looking to replace?  We have a reserve of spare parts and may be able to help you out and save you some money.  All we ask is a possible trade of any of your spare parts that you do not intend to use.  Often you will come out ahead on the deal.  For instance, you need to find a replacement for your missing water squirter but have a extra set of darts to offer in trade.  We supply you that missing part so that you can accomplish your goal and minimize any further outlay of monies.  Easier than posting auctions or attempting to win an auction on eBay.  No fuss, no muss.  This is part of our “Paying It Forward” and helping fellow Big Loo enthusiasts.  Send us a message via our Contact form.


Are you detecting a theme here?  We give you something for free but ask something very small in return.  Is that so wrong?  In this offer, we request that you send us 8 to 10 photos of your current Big Loo.  We will add the best ones to our growing Gallery page.  If your Robot has burned out red blinking eye light bulbs, this offer will make your Loo happy again.  Or perhaps they are faded, why not replace them with a new pair?  Lastly, you really should have a backup set.  So take advantage of this free offer (including shipping) and send us those photos today.  Use the Contact form on our main page and we will reply with an email to attach your digital photos.