Space Rocket and Launcher Kit


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Product Description

This kit contains everything needed to replace your existing broken green launcher shaft, mal-formed/rusted launch spring and missing Space Rocket to both increase the functionality of your Robot and maximize the value of your Big Loo investment.


One (1) original yellow Space Rocket with Black Rubber tip from 1963 an A+ condition.

One (1) reproduction green launcher base with an excellent resin casting.

One (1) original launch spring from 1963 in A+ condition (rust free, possibly seldom used).

One (1) original launcher release return spring.

This kit pares a 1963 yellow 6 inch Space Rocket with a working reproduction green launcher base cast in resin. Although the launcher base is not as robust as the original 1963 Injection Molded Polystyrene version, this resin casted edition will indeed launcher your space rocket. Just be careful. Test firing of this assembled kit produced a robust 12 foot launch. Nice!

The rocket is in A+ condition. The rubber nose exhibits no cracking and is still soft and pliable. The yellow shaft retains much of its rich yellow color and no cleaners have been applied to the plastic. A sensible cleaning could restore it to its complete luster but this will be left to its new owner as some prefer it to be left in “as found” condition. The rockets bottom 4 latch catch areas are perfect with no signs of wear whatsoever. All 8 fins are perfect with no notches present from play use. This is just what you want for an original replacement Space Rocket.

Also supplied is an excellent condition launch spring which is rust free and retains its original shape. As ridiculous as it may seem, good condition launcher springs are hard to find. The vast majority of Big Loo Robots either have broken Launchers and/or extremely rusted and deformed springs. This 2 3/4″ spring fits perfectly and retains its maximum compression and release characteristics. It’s a real beauty. Total kit count is one. A flat rate charge of $5.00 for USPS First class Shipping will be added during checkout.