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Big Loo Instructions Page One, Completely Colorized


For the discerning Big Loo collector.  This is a masterfully executed presentation of Page One of the Original Instruction sheet that came with the Big Loo Robot, circa 1963.  This page has been carefully restored and colorized by a professional artist for an updated look and an amazing eye popping appearance.  This presentation is suitable for framing but is not supplied with one.

All line work is as original except a few areas were closed to allow colorization (such as the ends of hands and directional arrows).  The line work and graphics are impeccable and retains the original artists? occasional overruns and minor mistakes. We resisted the temptation to fix any of these imperfections and now you can view them in superb resolution.

To achieve this result, we sought out a pristine example of the Original Instructions and then quadruple imaged them on a Hi-Def scanner.  Then our professional artist went to work restoring all the lettering drop outs and faded line work as even the best originals were economically printed which did not lend themselves to being reproduced in high resolution.  Meticulous colorization was employed to simulate Big Loos? signature color scheme and complementary hues were applied to lettering and supporting graphical elements.  The instruction sheet is printed in color on heavy weight bond paper in super high resolution.  As you may know, the Marx Toy Co. went out of business in 1979.

Why not enjoy this restored and colorized Original Instruction sheet as the focal point of your Big Loo collection?  Or for the ultimate in a complete Original Instructions presentation, see our Big Loo companion piece featuring Page Two in the same Colorized theme.