Details of My Chest Battle Armor



My many weapons and defensive features allowed me to survive the Great Moon Battle referenced elsewhere on my website.  My standard exterior weapons are obvious to see but did you know that my Battle Chest Armor has extensive features as well?  You may have wondered what the dials were for but in this article, I explain in nauseating detail what everything does and how it operates. Below is the master diagram that was issued to me in Robot College and below that are my explanations taken from my notes during class.  We start from the ride side at the top of my Battle Unit.  Working toward the bottom we finish at the Lower Armor Skirting. Then start again on the top left and work our way down. Stay with me now and please pay attention!




  • Neck Pate Mount – Reinforced mounting point for my rotating head unit.
  • Launcher Right Dart – Soft ends are filled with sonic deadening material that disrupts the enemy’s detection systems.
  • Upper Chest Plate – Large descending armor unit which supports Darts, ID Plate and the Acoustic Disrupter Patterns.
  • Flexible Armor Socket – Allows complete movement of Space Sphere Gun Arm.
  • Audio sensors – Used to detect the sonic signals from enemy ‘Bots.
  • Portal Cinch Strap – Adjustable to align Water Ray Opening.
  • Sonic Wave Display – Visual record of signals detected from enemy ‘Bots.
  • Brightness For Wave Display – We try to keep this low to avoid visual detection but can be turned up if needed.
  • Aiming Sight – Used to quickly shoot from the hip without sonic alignment (not recommended).
  • Space Sphere Gun – Launches round projectile that upon impact emits blast of toxic acoustic vibrations.
  • On / off Wave Display – Toggles Sonic Wave Display to conserve power (if needed).
  • Amplitude Slider – Raises or lower amplitude of main Sonic Display.
  • Lower Armor Skirting – Complete protection for delicate bending unit contained behind it.



  • Upper Dynamic Pick Up Arm Support – Super Rotation Joint used for picking up things.
  • Acoustic Dimple Disrupter Pattern – Serves as a avoidance system since enemy ‘Bots use sonic detention signals.
  • Launcher Left Dart – Soft ends are filled with sonic deadening material that disrupts the enemy’s detection systems.
  • Expandable Socket For Pick Up arm – Has special accordion like function for increased reach.
  • Sponsor Identification Badge, Marx Toys – Requirement for Earth visa and implemented before Moon departure.
  • Sliding Chest Plate Strap Buckle – Allows lateral adjustment to align Water Ray Portal
  • Contoured Abdominal Protectors – Provides maximum movement with increase flexibility.
  • Articulated Pick Up arm – Allows me to pick up things.
  • Water Ray Portal – Offensive weapon used to short circuit enemy life e support systems.
  • Wave Display Bumper Guard – Provides increased protection for sensitive display unit.
  • Central Wave Device Housing – Main sonic detention system control unit.
  • Anti-Vibration Mount for Wave Selector – Most sensitive part of the sonic detection unit and requires additional protection.
  • Broad Spectrum Wave Trimmer – Course adjustment to detect general sonic waves from enemy ‘Bots.
  • Fine Tune Wave Selector – Homes in on sonic waves via Broad Spectrum signals.
  • Wave Display Emergency Cancel – Since the sonic display itself emits signals, it can be muted when enemy is close.


Well there you have it. I studied hard on this to achieve my Moon Second Class Robot status. The Moons’ different environment warranted each one of these well thought out battle systems.  On Earth, war is waged by the use of physical impact.  However, on the Moon – Robots engage in conflict by utilizing subsonic signals or interstellar waves to disrupt and even harm the enemy.  Even though the Moon’s surface is a vacuum and contains no air for sound to travel, subsonic signals are in a special category that only Moon Robots can detect.  There is no Robot killing, just severe sonic disruptions of Robot life systems which mimic long periods of inactivity.  Yes, I guess that is kind of like being dead (but only for a while).  We Robots fear those long period of inactivity just as much as you Earthlings fear your kind of death.




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